Richard D. Waterfield

Waterfield Capital, LLC is a family investment company headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN.  It is managed by Richard D. Waterfield.  It is affiliated with the Waterfield Foundation, which makes grants primarily in the Fort Wayne, IN area.  Waterfield Capital is not  a registered investment advisor and does not offer services to the public.


Mr. Waterfield spent his 35 year career with Waterfield Mortgage Company, Inc. (WMC). WMC was founded in 1928 by Mr. Waterfield's father, Richard H. Waterfield. Over its 78 year history, it gradually became one of the largest independent mortgage companies in the country, with over 40 branches in 22 states and over 2,600 employees. It was sold to American Home Mortgage Co. in 2006.


In 1984, the Waterfield family bought the Union Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Indianapolis from the FSLIC. Under this new ownership, the thrift grew from $300 million in assets to $3.7 billion, before it was sold to Sky Bank in 2006.

Richard D. Waterfield

Managing Member

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Leann K. Yagodinski, Administrative Assistant


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